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DR. OXIDE—Poet,  Painter, Activist, Singer-Songwriter




Dr. Oxide, a very unique singer-songwriter, defies categorization. His poetry touches all genres and speaks to the power of the earth and human spirit. For over three decades the Doctor has prescribed his poignant brand of social commentary on current affairs, the environment and ordinary every day events.



Join Dr. Oxide on his latest road trip.

Black & White

Dr. Oxide with The Brotherman Revue



The Black & White collection spans my career - recent compositions as well as a few songs I wrote years ago which I have updated for this album. I hope the songs add colour to your life. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Gary "Brotherman" Branchaud for his vision and friendship, to Nashville musicians John Heinrich, Luana Haskell, and Rory Faciane for making it all sound and feel so great, and to the Sieniuc family for their tireless support. Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen. 

Dedicated to the memory of: Henry Sieniuc and Christina Haynes.


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Dr. Oxide Highway 63 Blues video
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3 of Hearts

A Cult Classic
3 of Hearts



Eclectic Country Folk, Scruff Rock - a refreshing, raw and edgy departure from contemporary fare containing social, political and environmental commentary with a hint of humour. Infectious melodies that will leave listeners “Crying in the Rain” for more. Songs of love and hope for the body and mind.




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CDBabyCD Baby Dr. Oxide "3 of Hearts" Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Finally, a song with true depth and emotion. FANTASTIC!
Reviewer: Charla
Original, refreshing and moving. Dr.Oxide lyrics and song is filled with so much passion and honesty. The melody was simple yet totally affective and stuck with me. I loved it!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Innovative, creative and totally catchy. I loved it!!!!!
Reviewer: Jason
I absolutely loved this song! Especially the lyrics that were both profound and poetic. Dr.Oxide's music is so refreshing. A must buy CD


CD Review

Website : www.droxide.com

To immediately set the tone of "3 of Hearts" - the cd from singer-songwriter Dr. Oxide from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - the production is sometimes very brave. The songs from "3 of Hearts" are recorded in the legendary Gene
Breeden Studios, Nashville, Tennessee where various recordings took place for (among others) Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks, George Jones, oy Acuff and Waylon Jennings.

Always anchored in sober country, he switches from ballads to rhythmic songs, just like he also varies the issues which he writes and sings about.

Dr. Oxide is a cultural storyteller who discusses current events as well as
dreams; sings just as easily about pollution ("Too much Shit in the Sea") as
about the weather ("Crying in the Rain"). All these songs are written by
Larry Sieniuc, 'the Doctor' himself, except "Locked In Pop"
(Sieniuc/Kuchinsky) and "Dog Song" (Sieniuc/Kenyon).

This brave production of "3 of Hearts" lay in the hands of Gary "Brotherman"
Branchaud (Joyful Sound Co.), the recording and mixing was by David Signs in
the Gene Breeden Studios. The digital mastering lay in the hands of Martin
Anderson, who we know from his collaboration with (among others) Jerry Lee
Lewis, Jo Dee Messina, George Jones, Vince Gill, Lee Ann Rhimes and so many
others. For accompaniment, he could count on Nashville's renowned band
?Monster Pocket? with members Gary "Brotherman" Branchaud (Willie Nelson,
Kenny Rogers, the Jordonaires, Lenny Klinger's Galaxy Band) on base. David
Signs on keyboards, Butch "Styles Bitchly" Davis on guitar and Fred
Saterfied on drums.

Dr. Oxide merges electric country folk with atmospheric pop songs and
evocative ballads. But above all, he combines these gripping melodies with
poignant poetry.

Cowbell BluesDr. Oxide
Cowbell Blues

"Think Before You Eat !"

We live in the plastic age - one of genetically modified foods, mad cow, avian flu, hormone enhanced farmed fish.
Let's rethink our approach to ensure that whatever our individual choices it is from a more environmentally sustainable and
humane point of view.

Life is Humour... . Or is it? thedoctor@droxide.com

Here's what other muscians/singer-songwriters at
GargageBand say about Cowbell Blues....

Moooooo've over .. this song kicks!
with the harmonica blaring out in the intro .. i could tell i was really going to enjoy this.
then i heard the organ going at it ... yeah!!! give it to me! lyrics are funny ... and original. who sings about cows these days? nobody! and dammit, its about time someone did! thank you. thank you for giving the cows a voice! love the melody ... its easy to listen to and you can really get into the song. i'm going to play this song for all my vegetarian friends. thank you again ... you made a meat eater hungry!
best of luck!
- ShawnZ from Elk Mountain, Pennsylvania

Cool Man! Country Upsidedown.
I love this song, it is "Groovy Country" 'Bout time some band did it! Plus: I think the lyrics are cute, and the prodution is good. Great Bass, GT, Groove & Very funny too! Minus: Lead Vox needs a different mic? Du'now?
- Brotherhifi from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The Official Cow Song !
Very Al Yankovich!Has that late 80's sound with a ninety's edge. Having grown-up in the country, I can appreciate this song! I can actually picture the writer of this song sittin' out on a hillside looking out over the pasture watching the cows and saying "I think I'll write a song about this." It's pretty funny, mainly for two reasons: the vocals have that goofy expression much like Talking Heads, and the observation about a young woman who buys plastic shoes instead of leather making her statement silently. The sounds effects are pretty funny in the end as well. It's a cute song! Very amusing!
- SweetPunch from Federal Way, Washington

Yeah its a good one
Sweet, the harmonica is great i love it. the melody the guitar the whole thing is amazing , you just get that feel, ohh soo good!
- andy831 from Mission Viejo, California

They're munchin' grass, they're standin' st
I'm a fool for Bob Dylan/Neil Young whiny harmonica so this song grabbed me from the beginning. This song is very entertaining and was probably a gas to record. I love sort of Beatles/Neil Young feel and the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and vocals not unlike the Dillards on their Wheatstraw Suite and Backporch Bluegrass albims. They are obviously having fun with it, which translates to the listener. I kept wanting to listen to it one more time until I had listened four or five times. It's quirky like Coen brothers film, I'm putting it on my playlist.
- digital_dog from Southern, Ohio

Nice to hear somebody stand up and take a sta..
I've seen a lot of people doing reviews here on GB complaining about long intros. I'm not one of those people. I hope to God that I don't end up like those guys on TAXI, counting the seconds of all the intros to songs on the Country Music Top 40. 13 seconds? Bah. 43 is just fine.

It's an interesting mish-mash of sounds here. That staccatoey, clean electric guitar sounds like one of those 50s guys -- Earth Angel and such. Then there's the simple but for the most part tasteful harmonica, and the straight-on-the-half-note bass, an organ, and a vocalist with, shall we say "interesting" technique & phrasing. But it's not a thing. This guy knows he's not Julio Iglesias, and accepts that and moves on. Reminds me of the guy from the Flaming Lips a little. Too with the lyrics: "Cows on a hill..." followed by the bovine lowing of, I'm guessing, the various members of the band. Nice to hear somebody stand up and take a stand for something.
- timhall from Nashville, Tennessee

Its tough to be a cow.
This made me a smile.I like your song. finally somebody tells it how it is for these poor creatures.Lyrics and melody fit perfectly and I wouldnt change anything.Order me up a side of fries!
- rjottoboni from Portland, Oregon

Great, Love It
I am a sucker for the harmonica, really cool. great sound, loved the organ and the vocals were damn cool. Very catchy chorus. The vocals reminded me of a mix between 'they might be giants' and 'the violent femms'. I enjoyed the lyrics as well. Simple, humorous, and origional. Production sounded very good, and I loved the ending, very funny and cool. Think I will download the song, nice job guys, keep having fun with the music you are making. It's nice to hear a band keeping it light, and having fun. All of sudden I got really hungry, for a hamburger....
- enettestad from Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

what do you want me to say about these lyrics...... theyre revolutionary. i like this a lot cool song
- theelephant from Nashville, Tennessee

Great intro, I love a harmonica! Guitar line is very good, hammond organ is a nice touch. Like your voice, are you singing about cows? This reminds me of something talking heads would do. This song made me smile. I like songs that aren't so serious, it's a nice break from all the angry youth mad at their parents!!!!!!!!!!
- susiekiteband from Orange Park, Florida

Watch Where The Chips Fall
harmonica fits like a glove .harmony flies like a dove.
this is one of the best cow songs iv'e heard in a long time. ah Hell! this is the best! cool moo dubs!refreshing not to here a baby i love you song.
- mjpilgy from Jonas, Pennsylvania

A song about cows - no one else has done it
This is instantly catchy. I love the single snare start and then the melody of the harmonica is brilliant. There is a slight change before the vocals start which through me a bit. The music at the start reminds me of Neil Young or the band or Ryan Adams - which is great. The rrangement, recording and production are really professional. It is clear time and energy has been put into it. Time well spent. It was definitely a surprise to hear that the song was about cows. It this is a half-jokey song it is brilliant. If its serious - well I still like it. I would listen to it again. Nice one..
- citadels from Cork, N/A, Ireland

Cows are taking over!
Has a country music intro to it.. but then the vocals come kind of sound like the beatles maybe buddy holly and the whole song changes.. dont know what the song is talking about talks about cows eating grass and a girl jumping over the moon.. this has a feel of a great love song.. the melody is catchy.. overall this songs great...this is a great song for the people who love older music.. overall can recommend much to change to this song.. the whole thing about cows dont understand but great music.. soundtrack/love song qualities!!
- EpicRocks from Bellville, Texas

PenguinsDr. Oxide

"The controversial song that
garners a lot of requests
wherever Dr. Oxide goes"

Love it or hate it - it's all good!


Click to hear Penguins
Penguins Lyrics

Here's what the critics say about this controversial song ....

Pretty intro, has a warm fuzzy country feel to it...
... and then the singing begins, and the lyrics shock you from the first line. This is like Zappa jamming with Ry Cooder, pretty funny! This is satirical gospel at its finest, following in the footsteps of all the past songs ever recorded about penguins. The basically traditional format of the arrangement, with the soft hooky guitar and mellow piano riffs, contrasts nicely with the comedically, and also, well, performed vocals. I don't think I want a pickle either anymore, which made equal sense, well, maybe a little less. The synth lead solo toward the end was quite nicely interjected, actually adding substantially to the musical value of the song.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Keyboards, Production, Lyrics, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- Steban from Montgomery, Texas

No One
yeah man, i feel that homey pentatonic lick - deep down in my pants. love the vocals..the backups are sweet. production is decent, too. Lyrics add a new dimention, but i still can't believe someone wrote these.
no one.
- RadiocureA from Somerville, Massachusetts

I the f*ck care
That echo on a simple guitar line is a nice late 80's/Early 90's touch.. ala Tom Petty. I love the gritty, cynical vocals and lyrics. Very Lou Reed... but a country Lou Reed. If he didn't live in New York City and was never hooked on Heroin, he might sing this song instead.
Great melody. It's really engrossing.. that happy little beat, with the ringing piano touches, all the elements of a poppy eay listening station type song, but ridiculous back ground vocals, electronic synthsolo and just the right amount of profanity to make this truly inaccessible to the masses. I love it.
- dplfunk from Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Fun Song
lots of energy for this song...hope bob and tom gets a hold of this but even then they could not air this....well produced...
Extra Credit: Production, Stupidest Song I've Ever Heard.
- ClaytonEarl from Boise, Idaho

I Care, Honest I Do...!!!!!
Confident intro with good beat. Less FX on lead vocal as the lyrics deserve more. Great backing vox. Quiant guitar licks. Jolly good humour. Catchy guitar hook. Dynamic build up. Neat keyboard solo.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Lyrics, Originality, Stupidest Song I've Ever Heard.
- ibrowze Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

That's some funny shit....
Great gospel harmonies.... can't help grinning. Sounds like something I'd see on a sweet cable access show... with a live choir in the background.
Great bassline......... Lyrics are funny, not much depth.. and pretty random, but funny.
Love the gospel melody
Nice instrumentation. Already said I liked the bass.
Where would you go next? ..........smile
- willwestmusic from Portland, Oregon

I Care

This song has real wit. It is funny, but is also a good song in it's own right. Effort has been put into it's production and it works because of it. The backing vocals were unsettling at first, but once you get into the song they blend in nicely. The lyrics aren't always easy to catch, but this is a song I would gladly listen to again to get them. The throw away tone of the lead vocals also suits it. Quality
- Matwt from London, United Kingdom

College Radio?
this music defies explanation. how should it be clasified?
Extra Credit: Programming, Mood, Best Feel Good Track.
- kemo9000 from Azalea Park, Florida

You Like Zappa?
This song reminds me of something Frank Zappa would do. Specifically the harmony and the subject of "penquins riding motocycles down the stairs". Nonsensical, but entertaining. I like the sythesizer...sorta reminds me of "Muskrat Love". I like the harmony and I think it keeps the song from being mundane. Melody was pretty catchy. The arrangement overall was very good. A different kind of song in a good way.
Extra Credit: Originality.
- Jody_Garner from Tyler, Texas

I don't know about this one...
I don't know...I normally don't care for much humour in songs but this one got me laughing pretty hard with the contrast between the upper end production & arrangemnt of the song and the lyrics being what they are. The repetition of the main line is what cracked me up so bad. You guys must be crazy to party with.
- vertkeernay from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ha ha ha ha
wow this song got me rolling....great tunage for pickin up my mood....what a song to hear at 5:30 am in the morning before coffee...actually though it was put together great ...good job!
Extra Credit: Production, Beat, Mood, Originality, Best Elevator Song.
- Inner_Sanity from Dunbar, Pennsylvania

the lead vocalist does remind me of,frank zappa. but hey that is oj.the song itself is and does have a gospell feel to it.the lyrics suit the mood of this track,and the melody is for me on the backing vocals the foundation of the song.i also find the musical arrangement very good.yes a good track...
- heavensgate from Dorset, United Kingdom

I love this song, but know what I hate? I hate people trying to describe their trips, you cant explain a trip.
- GreatMagnet from Iowa City, Iowa

Well, I care
This is a very funny song, but I actually don't care about penguins on motorcycles. I have to give you guys credit for putting very silly lyrics together with a good melody and very professional sounding playing. Those background vocals are great. Reminds me of Zappa in the arrangement. That screaming string sound is so cool too! Great ending.
- lkelly from La Honda, California

Paul Davis goes off his fu*kin rocker.
Wow...have to say at first I thought..whooohh sounds like a Paul Davis 70's Cool Night coming.Have to say it was a wild suprise and pleasant one when the slapstick F bomb lyrics came on. Its a wild wacky combo and it works well. The old 70's pop sound was captured nicely and the vocals sure kick the crap out of the One Eyed Purple People Eater. Recording and performances are great for the 70's. Mix is good with decent balances and back vocals. Great tone on the guitar bits. Catchy chorus and all that good stuff. Lyrics made me smile & chuckle, and I am a sucker for the 70's.
So guess what? I dig it... Keep at it.... I'm going to go dig out my Paul Davis shit...
- HubbleHead from Neenah, Wisconsin